Hello friends of books in Spanish language!

Welcome to our first post. Since it is the beginning of our journey together, we just want to say thank you for your support during all these years. Without our customers and friends of books in Spanish language we wouldn’t be here after 18 years. I guess that you could say that we’ve come of age. As you can imagine we’ve learnt a few things over these past years, and all of that has made it possible for us to have this blog and be able to communicate in yet another form with all of you.

We’ll try to answer the most common questions in the next few months and give you our take on the industry and the world of books. And please bear with us if we sometimes go off the beaten path and bring you topics that do not seem related to our industry. We may just need to vent a bit, or have thought that it may be of your interest, or interesting to your patrons. And as always, keep letting us know if you like what we offer you, and most importantly, if you don’t like it. By now you know that we have an open mind and your comments are always welcomed.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see different postings by members of our staff. Each will have their own voice and we hope that you like them all. We’ll see you soon.

Thank you,

Your friends @ SBD

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