When is a book fair a success? When you find the power of One

July 9, 2007

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending the second annual Dallas International Book Fair at the Dallas Public Library. Thanks to the efforts of the library’s staff, the sponsors and volunteers who worked restlessly before and during the fair, the city enjoyed a weekend of culture, fun and literature. Of course, this being Texas one of the largest group of people who came to the fair were Latinos and there were plenty of books in Spanish language (and other languages) showcased. The fair is starting the attract the attention from the Dallas community that one would expect during the early years. The Dallas Public Library has sown the seed of international literature for the past two years. Now we all have to water it tenderly in order for it to grow. And grow it will. The hardest part has been done by the library, which is to make real the dream of Dallas as a literary city. For us, it was a great success. Talking with other vendors, librarians, authors, and readers we saw the passion each had for books and what it takes for a fair to be a success. We believe a book fair is successful…

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