Libraries and the Holidays: Serving Spanish-Speaking Patrons

November 27, 2007

As we are approaching the Christmas holiday season, it is a wonderful time to remind Spanish-speaking patrons of all the services and events their local library offers them. Christmas is a cherished time for most Latinos, full of traditions, memories and social events. It is a time when families get together to share meals, prayers, songs, and love. As many Spanish-speaking families are stretched through different countries, this is not always possible. Furthermore, the traditions that they may have learned through their parents and grandparents are not always present in the communities where they are now. But they can be found at the library.

Libraries have a special role during the holidays in serving their Spanish-speaking patrons. Libraries connect them with their loved ones in far away places and bring them closer to their traditions. We have compiled some of the ways in which libraries are serving these communities which your library could do as well.

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