Thank you and Happy New Year 2008

Dear Spanish book friends,

From everyone here at SBD we would like to say thank you for a wonderful 2007 and wish you all an even better 2008.

You have made this past year the best ever for us. We have surpassed most of our records in terms of sales, volumes shipped, inventory turnover, new customers, and sales through our website, which has also enjoyed unprecedented growth not seen since the early years of the internet in 1994. The last few months of the year have been specially blessed for us as several of the titles we have chosen to carry have proved very popular for the libraries, and other customers as well.

Of course, this growth has come with many learning opportunities. Regrettably, for a small number of customer we have not always been able to provide the level of service that we would have liked while we were absorbing the additional growth. For this we apologize and commit to make all the necessary changes to do better for you in 2008.<

We realize that we would not be where we are after 19 years of service without you, our customers and friends. Thus, we wanted to offer a $100 rebate, in orders of more than $500, to all of you until the 1st of March as a way to show our appreciation (more details here). As some of you know, we have been issuing these rebates in the past for special occasions and to a limited number of customers. Now we are making 1,000 of these rebates available to all of you (one per library, institution or company) until they are all gone or until the 1st of March 2008. That’s a thousand ways of saying thank you and $100,000 of savings!

Best of all, whether you have ordered from us in the past or you want to become our newest friend, there is nothing to print, no coupon to attach or secret handshake to take advantage of this. Simply mention in the order that you want the rebate, or use code number HAPPY2008 and you’ll get it. But hurry, once the rebates are gone we may not have them for a while.

We hope that you, and your patrons, have a wonderful 2008 full of great books and stories. From our family to yours, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve your Spanish book needs all these years and again in 2008. As always, keep contacting us and letting us know how to serve you better.

Muchas gracias,

Sus amigos @ SBD

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