Immigration is driving changes at the library

January 23, 2008

Loida Garcia-Ceba ask on her new blog how librarians are serving the Latino population. She points out that libraries should continue “trying to figure out how to address topics such as immigration, health and education to mention a few” through their services. This should be done in an inclusive way to “involve publishers, distributors, scholars and professional associations.”

We could not agree more. That is one of the reasons we started this blog, to further this type of conversation. In the last few months we have ask our library friends about what they are doing to attract Spanish-speaking patrons to their libraries and serve them during the holidays.

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Nuevas Librerías en Estados Unidos

January 18, 2008

De acuerdo a ABA en el 2007 abrieron sus puertas 115 nuevas librerías en Estados Unidos. Esto marca el tercer año de más de 100 librerías nuevas en EEUU. Como comentarío, parece ser que estas 115 nuevas librerías son nuevas librerías en la asociación de ABA. Esta asociación cuenta con unas 1800 librerías independientes, cuando hace 5 años tenían más de 4,000 miembros registrados. Claro, no están todas las que son, y se podría decir que no son todas las que están.

Es siempre buena noticia cuando abren nuevas tiendas, se dediquen o no al libro en español, que es lo que nos preocupa y ocupa a algunos. Esperemos que esta tendencia continúe y que puedan florecer en un mercado cada vez más competitivo pero que cada vez necesita más de buen servicio en nichos específicos.

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Como promocionar sus libros a través del internet

January 16, 2008

El internet es una gran herramienta de trabajo para los autores y editoriales a la hora de promocionar sus libros. Anteriormente comentábamos como promocionar su libro en las bibliotecas, tiendas, medios de comunicación y demás. Ahora le presentamos como puede hacerlo a través del internet.

Como decíamos, la labor del escritor no acaba cuando ha escrito la última página del libro ya que, en la mayoría de los casos, en él o ella, recae la gran parte de la promoción del libro. Lo bueno de esto, es que debido a la pasión por el libro y su profundo conocimiento, el autor es la persona más idónea para llevar ésto a cabo.

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Library going green. Could books follow suit?

January 10, 2008

Through Library Stuff we learn that the Mollie Dodd Anderson Library in Middletown, PA, is going green. Now that the “box” will be more environmentally friendly, how could the library supervisors ensure that the “content” follows suit?

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A Kindler and Gentler way to Read? Maybe not yet at the library

January 4, 2008

There has been much talk about Kindle, Amazon’s new reading device, in the few weeks that it has been available. Most of it has been from a user perspective, centered on its features, readability and how it competes with other devices. Several library blogs have also started conversations to see if this is a device that has a place at our libraries and if the high price tag (high for many library budgets at least) could prevent many libraries from purchasing it.

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Libraries and the Holidays: Serving Spanish-Speaking Patrons

November 27, 2007

As we are approaching the Christmas holiday season, it is a wonderful time to remind Spanish-speaking patrons of all the services and events their local library offers them. Christmas is a cherished time for most Latinos, full of traditions, memories and social events. It is a time when families get together to share meals, prayers, songs, and love. As many Spanish-speaking families are stretched through different countries, this is not always possible. Furthermore, the traditions that they may have learned through their parents and grandparents are not always present in the communities where they are now. But they can be found at the library.

Libraries have a special role during the holidays in serving their Spanish-speaking patrons. Libraries connect them with their loved ones in far away places and bring them closer to their traditions. We have compiled some of the ways in which libraries are serving these communities which your library could do as well.

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Attracting Spanish-speaking patrons to your library: 25 Best Practices

September 27, 2007

One of the questions we are often asked by our library customers is what can they do to attract more Spanish-speaking patrons and increase their circulation for books in this population. Many libraries have put forth great efforts in developing their Spanish language collection. In many cases, their local community has responded by increasing their visits and circulation for these titles. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. For many reasons, some of the libraries are not attracting their local Spanish-speaking community as much as other population segments. Since many of the members of this community come from countries with different library rules and customs, they may not be aware of the great things that their community library has to offer.

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